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clea gaultier dorcel girl pour Marc Dorcel
Horloge Marc Dorcel31 January 2020

Cléa Gaultier, Marc Dorcel’s new icon

MARC DORCEL is proud to introduce its new Dorcel Girl: Cléa Gaultier!

The sensual Cléa Gaultier was chosen as the new icon for MARC DORCEL – the first European producer to exclusively sign on ambassadors. She will be representing the brand abroad and make her presence exclusive to the company’s productions.

Originally from Lyon, Cléa has always stood out. As a keen ballet dancer and figure skater, she started shaping her perfect body from a very young age. Cléa soon understood how desirable she could be and, amused by this infatuation, took her first steps in the world of X-rated movies. She contacted MARC DORCEL with the desire to take centre stage. To her, the brand is the perfect combination of eroticism and refinement, and thus exactly what she was looking for.

Cléa will therefore be joining the very select crew of Dorcel Girls, and promises to become an extremely sexy icon. All Cléa’s news can be found on her social media pages: Instagram & Twitter.

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