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Horloge Marc Dorcel3 July 2014

MARC DORCEL: The creator of stylish sex celebrates 35 years of sensuality !

MARC DORCEL : le secret du plaisir éternel

Has MARC DORCEL unveiled the secret of eternal pleasure? Indeed, the craftsman of eroticism celebrates its 35th anniversary! Since 1979, the spicy MARC DORCEL and its voluptuous actresses are the avowed accomplices of our pleasures. However, he does not show any wrinkle and is more than ever in tune with all desires. From picture stories to a true sensual empire, back to the story of the master of Pornochic®.

From man to group

1979: after having heated France with the first erotic color picture story, Marc Dorcel makes an encounter that offers him to transcribe all his glossy-paper printed materials onto videos. The company MARC DORCEL is born: “Sweet little bitches” is the first ever adult movie produced and directed by Marc Dorcel. The success strikes like lightening: soon enough, sexshops fight over the movie yet offered at a high price, and the benefits are just enormous.  The context at that time can explain this enthusiasm; a law relegating adult films in specialised theatres right away signs the success of the adult video! Many other productions follow, with Michel Barny or Michel Ricaud’s complicity, so as to now offer a catalogue of +800 films distributed worldwide! Pretty girls, beautiful lingerie, and sumptuous decors: MARC DORCEL’s movies can really spice up your intimacy…

His son Gregory joins him in 1996 and becomes Managing Director of the company in 2000. The duo works well and teams grow, partnerships bloom, growth is permanent. The company develops and ensures its presence in more than 56 countries while keeping marking its style. On an editorial aspect, MARC DORCEL catches the mood of the times by developing successful series and calling in celebrities: media and sales hits!

MARC DORCEL keeps on developing and diversifying its activities. Therefore, the company launches 3 TV channels, its magazine, shops with a sexy concept, a collection of classy sextoys…

The family company MARC DORCEL becomes a true international group: pleasure is everywhere and for every adult!

A taste for innovation

A pioneer since its creation in 1979, the group has always anticipated technologic evolutions, while keeping its mission of pleasure creator, as well as its refined and Latin vision of eroticism. It is even said that the success of MARC DORCEL‘s VHS tapes was so huge that the brand would have contributed to the development of the video recorder in France! This passion for technologies has never faded. Whether it is about DVD, pay TV or Internet, MARC DORCEL has always been a trailblazer. When VOD services take off in 2008, its platform Dorcelvision is already 8 years old…

Also, left a mark on summer 2010 when MARC DORCEL offered the 1st adult crowd funding operation. Therefore, more than 1000 web users participated in the production of the movie Mademoiselle de Paris: a real success! Indeed, 78 hours after the launch, the coproduction share reserved for web users (85000€) had already been collected: it is the fastest crowd funding operation in France ever! Always upfront, MARC DORCEL is the 1st in 2010 to offer 3D contents on TV and on VOD in 2011. MARC DORCEL therefore allows the audience to live unique 3D experiences anywhere and on any device!

Also, when launching the 1st adult website by and for women, MARC DORCEL shows he moves forward along with the times and evolves with the ways of thinking. By offering contents for men AND women, pornography becomes a true entertainment product and is no more a goods sold illicitly, and that is watched on the sly.

Therefore, MARC DORCEL goes with media inventiveness: a true love story between content and devices in the name of pleasure for all.

In 35 years, DORCEL has seen customs and technologies evolve, and since the explosion of the Internet, porn is not only confined to sex shops and specialized theaters. Pornography has now invaded the private sphere and has become a mass phenomenon, widespread in all backgrounds” says Gregory Dorcel, Managing Director. “More than 20 years after the 1st adult movie broadcast on TV, it not shameful anymore to like porn and to admit it. Moreover, adult contents were for a long time reserved to a male audience, whereas now, they tend to target a more feminine audience that wishes for even higher quality programs, until becoming an integral part of the couples’ sexuality”.

Dream casting, sophistication, innovation, stimulation, lust… What if this were the recipe to eternal pleasure that MARC DORCEL has been using for 35 years?


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