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The GroupAt a glance

Marc Dorcel is a multimedia group specialising in the production, distribution and broadcasting of adult content and products.

Since 1979, Marc Dorcel has developed a strong brand with a premium editorial line and ethics that have created a good, positive image which is recognised by professionals for its responsibility and integrity. Marc Dorcel has always been committed to bringing its clients and audience the best in eroticism through investment and innovation, meaning that it has gained exceptional expertise.

Marc Dorcel, leader in Europe, is present in 56 countries. DVD, TV, VOD, PPV, TV features, television, magazine, mail order and sex toys. All activities endorsed by Marc Dorcel are strongly promoted online.

Marc Dorcel is the most awarded adult production company with more than 350 international awards.

To promote the pleasure of sex and make it accessible to the widest possible audience.

Marc Dorcel retains a premium, Latin vision of sex, which glorifies the beauty and sensuality of women. With its premium approach to eroticism and outstanding execution, Marc Dorcel has turned porn into a real luxury item “à la française”, which stands out for its aestheticism and its provocative and offbeat, yet refined style. This unique approach demonstrates that Marc Dorcel is ahead of its time in its category and makes these products accessible to the widest possible audience.

Marc Dorcel : The major global brand on the adult market

Elegant, passionate and extremely sensual, yet never vulgar, French women encompass every fantasy. With this in mind, Marc Dorcel has invented “Premium Porn” which goes far beyond the usual clichés of the genre. Creativity, rigorous execution, constant innovation and mastery of content are trademarks of the Marc Dorcel brand; the signature of a true designer brand which is unique, visionary and international in its outlook while respecting its founding values.

Facts and figures

  • MARC DORCEL SA is a limited company (Société Anonyme) with a Board of Directors and a Supervisory Board, a share capital of 150,000 Euros and registered office at 25, rue Plumet 75015 Paris, France.
  • It was founded in 1979.
  • 99% of its share capital is held by Marc and Grégory Dorcel.
  • Headcount: 45 employees
  • Group turnover (2014): 32 millions Euros
  • MARC DORCEL TV Netherlands BV – Netherlands, is a subsidiary the group


Marc Dorcel : Founder and member of the Board of Directors

Grégory Dorcel : CEO and member of the Board of Directors of Dorcel SA
Managing Director of Dorcel Netherlands BV


Marc Dorcel Production

Production and broadcasting of programmes with erotic and pornographic, most award-winning Europe
– A presence in 56 countries.
– A catalogue of over 800 films, available in 13 languages.
– More than 5.5 million DVDS distributed each year.
– MARC DORCEL produced 22 films per year.
– Budget from 60 to 250 K€ per film.
– “Casino No Limit” the more big-budget French ever made : 250 K€.
– “Story of Laly” The buzz of the Internet in the year 2009 with more than 2.5 million downloads, 500,000 pages containing the info.
– The first X movie was co-produced by internet users. 95 000€ raised in 78h.

Marc Dorcel Licence

– MARC DORCEL has provided its programs to more than 60 operators and international publishers services (PAY TV, PPV, HOTEL, etc.).
– Programs broadcast on more than 800 000 hotel rooms in the world and on the airwaves of TV channels and PPV across more than 25 countries.

Marc Dorcel Aggregation

European Leader and exclusive Distributor of the 50 best adult international catalogs ( hetero and gay) in VOD on Europe and Africa.
MARC DORCEL provides his selections from more than 70,000 films available in any language and in any version…

Dorcel Vision

VOD platform for streaming and downloading
– MARC DORCEL created its own VOD platform in 2002.
– Leader in France with over 2 million streaming and downloads.
– The VOD services, IPTV, cable, and MARC DORCEL are available through more than 50 european operators.
– MARC DORCEL also deploys its own platforms for operators (Numéricâble, Free, Alice…)
– MARC DORCEL represents 20% + of the French VOD market

Dorcel TV

Spice up your nights with Dorcel TV! The TV Channel for Adults broadcast in Europe 24/7 in three languages.
Spice up your nights with Dorcel TV ! The TV Channel for Adult, broadcast in three languages in Europe 24/7.
– MARC DORCEL publishes and distributes its TV channel across Europe, 7 days on 7, 24/24h simultaneously in French, English and German on HOTBIRD and ASTRA.
– Annual Production of a hundred hours of programs erotic flow (programming, talk show, etc.).
– Broadcast each day X movies, stories of crazy and shows a steamy, presented by charming speakerines.
– Launched in March 2006, already more than 1 million subscribers in Europe.
– DORCEL TV is taken over more than 14 countries and by more than 40 operators


The european channel 100% hard 24 hours a day.
MARC DORCEL has launched its channel-100% Action, 100% Movies, 100% Sex, and offers every evening a night punctuated by the biggest blockbusters of the X as well as the pornstars, or amateurs videos the most sexy.
DORCEL XXX is already available in +15 countries in Europe.


MARC DORCEL’s erotic and glamours TV channel which delivers 24/7 couple oriented content.
For a broad european audience, both male and female, EROTICA TV offers erotic content soft and glamorous 24/7. French Eroticism!
News reports and shows, sexy soft movies for adults, EROTICA TV offers a wide variety of programs, mostly european, of high quality and 24H/24. The 10 to 15 films broadcast every day have been selected among the best content app of the catalogues of prestigious studios.

Dorcel Mobile

Provision of content and services to telephone operators.
– Telephony is deployed in more than 20 countries and 45 operators, WAP, Gallery, I-mode, 3G, IVR, SMS…
– Mobile services leverage the expertise of MARC DORCEL, its labels and its contents (+ 40,000 shots, + 27 000 minutes of videos with erotic and pornographic).

Dorcel Mag

– Bimonthly Magazine created in December 2008, edited by MARC DORCEL and distributed in newsstands
– 30,000 copies sold + 50% sell rate

Dorcel Store

Concept store of 300 m2, offering over 2500 references in a chic fun and trendy surroundings. All the pleasures for Her and Him !
– Far from the universe of the sex shop, the 1st concept store of French is a boutique entertainment sexy 300m2, open to public.
– Over 2500 references (lingerie, sextoys, stimulants, library, games and gadgets…)

The first XXX site for women by women!
MARC DORCEL has launched DORCELLE.COM the first XXX site for women, made by women. Specially designed for girls, in November 2012. This site like a feminine webzine offers a hundred films and XXX scenes brought through diaries, notes, interviews, testimonials, shopping rogue and guidance developed by a team composed of women uninhibited.

E-commerce/mail order, the official online boutique of Marc Dorcel with more than 3,500 references of 40 brands worldwide.

DVD Publishing & Distribution

Every month, Marc Dorcel distributes its productions on DVD in more than 52 countries.


A range of innovative sextoys, combining great technical expertise and refined design to ensure users experience ultra-sensory unique!
MARC DORCEL launched in 2011 her own line of sextoys quality, chic and glamorous, designed to ensure that its users experience ultra-sensory unique! A line of innovative sextoys, combining great technical expertise and refined design.

    Stars XXX TV

– The new channel STARS XXX TV is available exclusively at FREE.
– Present in the bouquet “FRENCH TOUCH” with DORCEL TV and DORCEL XXX
Stars XXX TV offers you programs that are new and very varied.


MARC DORCEL was the first industry player to offer XILLIMITE, an innovative legal solution, that allows adults to access over 1000 full porn movies, from more than 40 studios among the best in the world, on any screen (PC, Tablet, Smartphone), where and when he wishes, in an unlimited way, a fare that is ultra reduced and without commitment.

Distribution of erotic products

As an expert in pleasure for 30 years, Marc Dorcel offers its services in partnership with the leading names in distribution, mail order and e-commerce. See the fact sheet