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Horloge Marc Dorcel26 February 2019

The Master of Pornochic® comes to North America

Montreal, Wednesday, January 9, 2019- MARC DORCEL, the Master of Pornochic® is coming to Canada for a week of promotion topped off by a night of festivities on Thursday, January 17.

One year after the beginning of his North American affiliation with Anne-Marie Losique and the inception of DORCEL TV Canada, MARC DORCEL is proudly available in every home across Canada via his linear television channel and On Demand with a generous VOD offering through all of the Canadian television operators.

This week also brings another milestone for Marc Dorcel and Vanessa Media with the launch of a partnership with the largest television operator in the USA.

A Recipe of Eternal Pleasure served up by Marc Dorcel:

In 1979, X movies were banned from traditional movie theater programming. At the same time, video recorders are discreetly being introduced into French households. On top of the technology of his times, MARC DORCEL invented adult movies on tapes. Through this, X movies come out of secrecy and straight into private households. Exciting for men and enticing for women, the select pornography of the Dorcel signature stamp settles into couples’ lives. The success is such that it might even have helped the rapid growth of the video recorder industry in France! This interest in keeping up with current technologies continued, keeping MARC DORCEL an industry leader. Whether concerning pay television, DVD or Internet, MARC DORCEL has always been counted among the pioneers of new media. When Video On Demand services blossomed in 2008 and 2009, the VOD platform had already been operating for eight years… In 2010 MARC DORCEL has spearheaded the 1st adult crowd funding operation. Always the trail brazer, in 2012, MARC DORCEL is the first to launch an adult website by and for women, making pornography a true global entertainment product for all. MARC DORCEL is also the 1st adult provider to have offered 3D content, and more recently VR experiences and 4K UHD productions.

From man to group.

Gregory Dorcel joined his father in 1996 and became Managing Director of the company in 2000. The company has developed and ensured its presence in more than 56 countries while keeping their trademark style.

Their particular vision of sex is based on clear principles and Pornochic® a registered label of MARC DORCEL company, which embodies this frame of mind. Therefore, the label remains faithful to its values. There is no degradation for male or females in these bodies of work. No embarrassment and no taboos- it is meant to please everybody according to their individual preferences and tastes: men and women, straights and gays.

MARC DORCEL has always sought to make sex elegant and available to the largest possible number of people. For over forty years this concept has driven him, logically, to go beyond the media possibilities of his times. Today, the family company MARC DORCEL is the European leader of global media for adults.

Gregory Dorcel, Managing director, Clea Gaultier, Brand Ambassador of the DORCEL brand, as well as Anne-Marie Losique, CEO of Vanessa Media are available for interviews between January 14 and 19.

A media day and celebratory evening will take place Thursday, January 17 at the Bord’Elle club by invitation only.

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